Saturday, March 27, 2021

Dr. Aaronson's Recommended Movie Night: Shoplifters of the World

Meat is murder: license plate from the Movie Shoplifters of the World

Elvis endorsed! Enjoyed!! Entertained!!!

Dr. Michael Aaronson, simple country nephrologist, provides a fair and balanced review: 

  1. I/we/they  💗💝💘LOVE💖💕💓 this movie "now, today, tomorrow, and always!" -- Morrissey on YouTube
  2. "It's ONLY weakness is a list of crimes" -- The Smiths on YouTube.
    1. Historians note: they speak my language! 
  3. It's the ULTIMATE escapism from the current era. "Tried living in the real world instead of a shell" -- Morrissey -- on YouTube.
    1. Dr. Aaronson prefers the shell.
  4. "You can either go in, or you can say no. And it's your choice really..." Morrissey
  5. The New York Times loved it too! 👍👍👍

New York Times Review: Shoplifters of the World: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Watch this movie on YouTube: Shoplifters of the World

It is also available on the playstore AND beyond!

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