Sunday, October 11, 2020

Dr. Aaronson Builds First Personal Computer with Family. How to Do It. Christens (Confirms) Audio Video With Morrissey YouTube Stream


Dr. Aaronson and Family successfully build a computer rig (AMD inside).

Oh so many illustrations... Morrissey on YouTube

Interested in building a computer? I will proffer some pearls of wisdom to help your odds of success:

  • Full disclosure: although I prefer Intel inside, the family opted for AMD. If you prefer Intel, note and ensure that all the following advice is the same except you want the motherboard to be compatible with the processor.
  • Use the Pcpartpicker website to make sure your computer parts are compatible. That's half the battle in today's new world order. When we started we went to a how-to website and were suggested incompatible parts because the author was earning money off affiliate links. Our initial build design wasn't quite right. Please don't be fooled. 
  • Also realize that if you invest and have incompatible parts and have to return some, the build is delayed (annoying), you may have to pay restocking fees (expensive), and the overall experience is lessened (depressing). So please follow my sage advice carefully, and do this right the first time.
  • If this is your first try, start with a less complicated build. This doesn't mean you can't build a powerful machine. It does mean you might want to save the liquid cooling for later, as an add-on if you will.
  • Watch videos made by Paul on YouTube. Paul's Hardware on YouTube shows you how to custom build the system you want based on how much money you want to spend and the level of difficulty.
  • If a particular part is too expensive or in high demand, consider an alternative. Today's new release makes yesterday's blockbuster much more cost effective.
  • Although not required, RGB lighting is very cool. Decide where you want to accent your computer in the planning phase. Some choose to accent the box. Others opt to colorize the keyboard and mouse. We chose both!

    • Example of RGB lighting in a computer keyboard. RGB stands for "red, green, and blue."

  • Before closing the box or performing cable management with zip ties, make sure everything is working to avoid double work. YouTubers, such as Paul et al., can make it look much easier than it might be for a newbie because they are just that good at building personal computers.

That said, as my children said post successful completion of the computer, it was indeed "crazy" that we could achieve this goal. After we finished the process we felt quite satisfied. It was indeed great fun. 

Let me share a quick vignette with you: to make sure the audio and the graphic drivers were installed and working correctly "Dad" streamed Morrissey on YouTube to christen the box. Let me share what we enjoyed:

Morrissey: East West on Youtube

"East West

Over the ocean

Perpetual motion

Traveling around..."

The Aaronson family hopes our journey helps those of you who want to give computer building a try. There is a light that never goes out (YouTube)