Friday, June 5, 2020

Dr. Aaronson Achieves World Class Status on Rouvy

Dr. Aaronson achieves World Class status on Rouvy

No one can even see me
No one can even see me
Nobody can see me!... No one can see me...

Michael Aaronson: nephrologist, family man, and cyclist opines: It's Hard to Walk Tall When Your Small -- Morrissey on YouTube

The next step: Living Legend!

The requirements for Living Legend status:

  • Multi-Challenge Complete at least 4 challenges in this level to became our Legend!
  • Multi-Online race Complete at least 4 online races in this level
  • Points Collect at least 15000 points in this level
  • Route Ride "Boubin" in race mode. 
  • Route Ride "Cura Nuova - Potassa" in race mode.
  • Route Ride "Cape Naturaliste" in race mode.
  • Route Ride "Rundlestone" in race mode.
  • Route Ride "Zollbrück - Arnisäge" in race mode.

Morrissey Small #rock_hall_of_fame